A Boo With Some New On Bloom Tuesday

This is Tuesday so lets share some blooms!
I am super excited to see this Dallas Red Lantana blooming after I chopped this 36″ plant down to about 4″ to move from the landscaping into a container for the winter.  She doesn’t seem to mind the change of scenery.
I had a new friend join me in the Greenhouse today as I did some flower maintenance.  I’m sure he only wanted to get out of the wind and find a nice warm place to take a nap.  Quickly, he found a nice dry spot in the corner of the greenhouse to rest his chin.  ( photo collage above).How could you resist Boo Kitty’s’ big blue eyes?  See him snuggled in the corner in the bottom left photo.

New Things to Grow in the Greenhouse
The collage above is a collection of some of the new things I have added to the 10’x12′ greenhouse I am using this winter.   Over the weekend I came across this Rose Tree at Bench’s (40% off!). Everyone needs a tree in their greenhouse right? It will be a wonderful show when this Lavaglut (red rose) blooms.  I also added some french ivy around the bottom of the tree container.    The containers are starting to take shape considering all they have been through.  Most of the larger containers are annuals I dug up from my landscaping and moved to smaller pots with hopes of prolonging their life.  I have already been enjoying the rosemary and basil containers that usually would be gone by this time of year.  So far – so good!

Optical Grass
This little guy took his time ‘ blooming’ after being divided and moved inside. He is now in a 4″ terra cotta pot.  My goal is to keep most of these bloomers to enjoy through the winter.  As spring arrives I will transplant into larger containers and stop the cutting back so they can grow bigger before putting them outside.
This post is from the BGgarden.com archive.  I’m sharing this today for Bloom Tuesday to inspire you to think of all the things you can grow year-round.   – Bren

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I'm Bren, a everyday gardener who loves to connect with others. I've been growing in my 10'x12' home greenhouse in Ohio since 2008. I decided to create Growing4Seasons.com to help others who enjoy growing year-round just like me!
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  1. Linda says:

    Hi girls! My first time to post to you, but have enjoyed your blogs for weeks now! I’m a very inexperienced gardener…a newbie up against you girls, but love it and plan to eventually know what I’m doing. 🙂 My hubby decided I needed a potting shed/greenhouse, so I’m soaking up as much information as I can get from you both. Hope that’s ok! It never ceases to amaze me how bloggers and gardeners are such giving people! Thanks so much!

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