House Plant Mystery

Growing Year-Round via Houseplants I spent most of the evening at home improvement stores browsing  for tile, stone, and collecting  paint samples for the ‘sun room’ we recently added on to our home.   After all the design inquiries and help I’ve been receiving from my garden friends I have decided to call this a ‘garden’ […]

Facebook Connection : Debbie in Zone 6 Kansas

Social networking has played an important part in my adventure in growing year-round. I do believe I would have had a greenhouse eventually even if I wasn’t so active online in the field of gardening. Getting to know and connect with the gardeners online has truly added to my success in growing year-round.   When […]

" Without hard work, nothing grows by weeds." - Gordon B. Hinckley

Quicky Houseplant Care Tip

Dream Greenhouse on Pinterest

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In The Greenhouse Today

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