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Social networking has played an important part in my adventure in growing year-round. I do believe I would have had a greenhouse eventually even if I wasn’t so active online in the field of gardening. Getting to know and connect with the gardeners online has truly added to my success in growing year-round.   When I envision the perfect veggie & bloom garden I see a beautiful glass house on that colorful blooming canvas.  This glass house is much like the beautiful photo one of my Facebook garden connection friends shared on her wall post recently.

I’m not sure how or when Debbie and I connected on Facebook but the one thing that comes to mind with our connection is the beautiful photos she shares and the encouraging words she always adds to my garden images.  I love this quote off of Debbie’s  Facebook Page :  ” If you have never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden.” A week ago she had shared an image of her beautiful greenhouse that I had no idea was a part of her growing experience.   It was one of the most adorable working greenhouses that I had always imagined when I think of the  ‘perfect’  garden.   I quickly emailed her and asked ….. could I please add you to the ‘Growing4Seasons friends who Grow Year-Round’  network.   Graciously Debbie agreed and kindly answered a few of my questions I was dying to ask a fellow greenhouse owner.

Debbie tells me that her hubby built her greenhouse from a kit 13 yrs ago and they stopped heating it about two years ago because  it got to be too expensive.  It is inspiring to see the condition of this greenhouse and I’m quick to notice it is truly a treasure in her garden.   Debbie shares on her network her love for  gardening, collect vintage garden tools, collect garden seeds, read and cook.  They share their garden with 3 dogs, 2 cats and a flock of chickens and the grand children she has been blessed with.

My Interview with Debbie McMurry of D & D Acres

Bren : What garden zone do you live and grow in?

My greenhouse is located in Zone 6 in SE Kansas.

Bren: What made you decided to grow in your own greenhouse?

I wanted a greenhouse to start seeds of all kinds. Especially tomatoes and peppers for my husbands large vegetable garden.

Bren: What did you take in consideration when you decided to build a greenhouse of your own? Did you have a ‘reason’ you wanted a greenhouse of your own in your garden?

We had to pick a spot free of falling limbs from our many, large, old Oaks and have plenty of sunshine.

BREN : Tell me about your greenhouse – what made you decide on using wood / aluminum frame?

I liked the look of the old fashion glass greenhouses so looked through many catalogs before finding the company we ordered from. We ordered it from Sturdi-Built green houses in Oregon. They had all sizes and styles in pre made kits. It came in precut pieces of glass and red wood and a windowed door. Our greenhouse is 9 x 12. It has windows in the glass roof that opens automatically when it gets to hot. We put a gravel floor in it for humidty along with a wood sidewalk down the middle. Wooden potting tables built on both sides in it.

BREN : What do you use to heat your greenhouse?

We put a small apartment size propane heat stove for heat. Ran electric and water to it also.
BREN : what was the cost involved with this project?

The cost purchasing the greenhouse 13 yrs ago was $3,000 but worth every penny. And has held up great in our Kansas tornado winds.

Bren : Do you grow year-round in this greenhouse?

We have not heated it for about three years now due to the high heat expense but now thinking of starting it again.
I love growing seeds, having blooming geraniums and ferns to enjoy all winter in the greenhouse.

Bren: If you could give someone thinking about starting their own greenhouse any tips / ideas what would it be?

The important factors of a choosing a greenhouse to me is choosing the size for what you want to use it for and think of the kind of heat you would have to heat it.

I want to thank Debbie for sharing this information with us on Growing4Seasons.  Debbie doesn’t have a blog right now but tells me she is working on getting one online soon.  I think you would have LOTS of followers of that garden blog Debbie judging by the lovely images and inspiring garden information you share on your Facebook.   Keep use posted because I look forward to connecting with your blog.

Connect with Debbie at her Zone 6 / Garden Club on Facebook.

Article by Bren

I'm Bren, a everyday gardener who loves to connect with others. I've been growing in my 10'x12' home greenhouse in Ohio since 2008. I decided to create Growing4Seasons.com to help others who enjoy growing year-round just like me!
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  1. Thanks, great post. I enjoyed reading this.

  2. bren says:

    Isn’t it great to meet Debbie! I was so excited to see this greenhouse pop up on my live stream at facebook. 🙂

  3. Plant Maps says:

    There is an interactive version of the USDA hardiness zone map covering Kansas at http://www.plantmaps.com/interactive-kansas-usda-plant-zone-hardiness-map.php

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