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Gadget to Make Growing Easier

Each time I open the door leading to my green world located in my greenhouse here in Ohio I always have my cell phone in hand to tweet the adventure.  Fan of growing year-round or not , those warm cheerful photo shares will surely brighten the viewers day. Blooms & Salsa are some of my favorites to grow that keep me smiling and healthy while the outside landscape is gloomy because it is covered with white mulch.

I’m all about sharing the facts growing year-round in zone 5b so this blog entry about the true winter days is in order.  In my greenhouse there is a water line installed underground but my engineer ( AKA Husband) and I decided that we would leave it unused the first year of operating the greenhouse.   My first thought was of all the exercise I would get hauling the water needed the 70 some feet out to growing area.   It really hasn’t been that bad of an experience filling the 5 gallon bucket of well water from my frost-free spigot attached to the house. Obviously, it has been a breeze to maintain water in the greenhouse without having a line working out to the greenhouse because I’m a few months from celebrating year two of growing year-round without it!

The video below is a live view of how the frost free cover works.  I’ve had no issues with freezing even with weeks below zero.

Fetching the Well Water the Zone 5b Way

Some days the full pink Carhartt Gear is required. The snow wouldn’t let up after 2 days a few weeks ago and I had to haul 2 full 5 gallon buckets of well water out to the greenhouse.  The pink gear kept me warm and as much as the thoughts of the 65*F spring atmosphere in the greenhouse I was heading too!

Making it fun and always green in my Ohio zone5b greenhouse.  I would love to hear your thoughts on watering in the winter greenhouse so leave a comment.

Article by Bren

I'm Bren, a everyday gardener who loves to connect with others. I've been growing in my 10'x12' home greenhouse in Ohio since 2008. I decided to create to help others who enjoy growing year-round just like me!
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