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It is that time of year when I start sharing more images of my garden and how I’m continuing my growing experience by moving my favorite herbs, annuals and even some veggies into my 10’x12′ greenhouse I’ve been using for the past 2 years.   In the first year I was networking my greenhouse experience on my blog, facebook and twitter because it was a very important part of gardening for me.    The way this little structure we found on Ebay for $350 has changed my life more then I can put into a basic blog entry.     In year two of networking my greenhouse my goal was to inspire others to think about growing year-round in their own greenhouse using images and comments that shared the simple facts of how anyone can do this.  As I enter year 3 of growing year-round via my greenhouse the main focus of sharing with you is to educate on to do this while making it fit your lifestyle.
So you have decided you want a greenhouse after looking at all the really cool images online from gardeners like myself.   I’m sorry to inform you but growing in a greenhouse is not always for everyone.  I do want to warn you that if you plan on traveling for more then 3 days at a time during the months of October – December and then again in March – May you can FORGET ABOUT IT!   Unless you have a reliable friend who can come do some basic watering and adjustments on temperature control in your greenhouse this is not going to be  a successful experience for you.

LOCATION of the greenhouse can be crucial to your growing experience.  If your space has less then 5 hours of sun at any point of the growing season – FORGET ABOUT IT!

WIND – RAIN – SLEET – SNOW keep in mind all the elements that are apart of your garden.  You are going to want pay attention to structures you may want to include near your greenhouse.  Example : if you are in a super windy location you may want to consider building near a fence or structure that is going to provide some block.

Good drainage is another extremely important factor to consider.  I suggest Building the greenhouse above the surrounding ground so rainwater and irrigation water will drain off and away.

Consider location to electricity that you may need in the greenhouse and also make the structure accessible during winter storms.  Living in zone 5b I’m thankful to have my located only 50 feet from my back door.  This area seems like 100 feet when I dredging through fresh snow after a major storm in January!

NOW THE FUN PART :  Picking Out A Structure

  • We found our greenhouse on Ebay.  It was a Gardener Supply Company design that the went out of production about 7 years a go.    I would suggest looking on Craigs List, Ebay and even the classifieds in your area.
  • Local hardware and building supply stores carry kits from $500 to $6000
  • ONLINE … just google GREENHOUSE < be prepared to have greenhouse envy – there are some amazing ones out there!>
  • Library : yes that is right.  Head up to your local library and see what design books they may have that you can use to build our own from scratch.

I hope these tips and ideas have helped you.  The bottom line is owning a greenhouse adds to the value of your home and your quality of living and that is why I strongly suggest you look into joining the growing4seasons movement!

If you have any questions please leave me or Glenda a comment.

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Glenda & Bren talk candid about basic structure tips that will get you growing in your own greenhouse before the next warning of frost. Be sure to leave us a comment with any questions you may have about building your own greenhouse.

Article by Bren

I'm Bren, a everyday gardener who loves to connect with others. I've been growing in my 10'x12' home greenhouse in Ohio since 2008. I decided to create to help others who enjoy growing year-round just like me!
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