Time Stand Still

Hoping to fit this wordless onto the G4B blog before Wednesday was complete but my lack of  organization leaves me with having to add a few words on Thursday.  As I walk out to my greenhouse growing area each day I feel like I’m behind because there was so much more I wanted to do this summer in this landscape.  There were many seeds I didn’t get to plant because of travel and growing a social network of growing fun on #gardenchat.  The anxiety builds as I harvest veggies that are providing a healthy addition to each meal for my family and knowing I should have started to build a cover to go over those raised beds by now for a continued harvest well into Autumn.   What keeps me inspired is this view featured in the photo above.  If It weren’t for the monster Rose of Sharon growing outside my kitchen window I could see this view.

My goal as we start to think of beating the season by loading up the greenhouse for continued growing fun is to get organized.  Whatever it takes to get my plants in order, greenhouse maintenance complete and journal ready to document the experience.    Some people prefer a paper trail while I enjoy logging everything on my mobile device.  Whatever your choice be sure to START NOW with a list of what your goals and dreams are for growing year-round.

Lets keep inspiring one another to grow with hopes of making a healthy lifestyle we can continue for a long time as time stands still in the photographs we share.

Article by Bren

I'm Bren, a everyday gardener who loves to connect with others. I've been growing in my 10'x12' home greenhouse in Ohio since 2008. I decided to create Growing4Seasons.com to help others who enjoy growing year-round just like me!
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  1. Mona says:

    Bren what a lovely and orderly garden 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #WW.

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