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Here in zone 5b Ohio we’ve had some crazy weather this seasons.  The summer was wet and oddly cool enough to keep the garden looking beautiful as long as it wasn’t a heat tolerant plant.   The peppers and tomatoes struggled this year in my raised beds and field garden.   Now that the days of Autumn are upon us with freezing temperatures closing in, it is time to start moving my treasures I want to save from the killer frost  into my 10’x12′ greenhouse.

What will I move into the greenhouse in 2011/12 ?

The image to the right are a few of the containers that wouldn’t fit in the packed  dump in the back of my golf cart I used to move all of the containers from the pond deck. I feel in love with this Amaranto Tri Color : Joseph’s Coat  late July on a local IGC visit to one of my favorite nurseries here in Ohio.    There is a Non-Stop Begonia and a bright yellow mini rose sharing the front seat of this load.

This year I will winter over the annuals that were hard to find and unique growers.   I will also pick the annuals that grew well for me last year in the greenhouse.  Nothing more rewarding then to have blooms year-round.

Space is limited this year because the size of some of the tropical and vines I’ve wintered over for the past 2 years.  There is a  tropical Hibiscus  that is 5 feet tall after winter over 2 years.    I’ve saved a 4 shelves just for veggies to be grown as soon as all the plants are tucked into there allotted space.

It appears we missed the forecast for frost last night in Ohio but that doesn’t stop me from working hard to move the annuals, herbs and veggies from the landscape this weekend.   Friday was crazy for me looking over the garden landscape and deciding what plants I couldn’t do without.  Take a look at our forecast in the image to the right.  A night of close to freezing and then back up in the 40’s for lows the follow week.  This has truly been a roller coaster season.

Passionate for my 2 Year Old Passion Vine

In 2010 hubby and I had a weekend getaway with out the kids to the Cleveland area.  During that trip we visited the Cleveland Botanical Gardens as well as Petite Nursery.This vine was a gift from my hubby on our 19th Wedding Anniversary.  We spent the day touring the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and a few Garden Centers in the Cleveland area. This was a vine we found at Petitti Garden Center in Avon Lake, Ohio. One of the helpful staff saw us checking this climber out and offered some advice. If it weren’t for her telling us about this fabulous tropical vine I don’t think we would have purchased it. It is growing in full sun on the gazebo deck near our pond. I will bring it into the greenhouse before the winter arrives.  This vine is a MUST move in the greenhouse each year because it brings back wonderful memories.

Sweet Caroline Sweet Red Potato Vine By Proven Winners

The Image above is my 2 year old Sweet Caroline Sweet Red Potato Vine by Proven Winners.  I LOVE this vine because of those vivid leaf colors featured in the photo above.   Last year  I took many of my potato vine and saved the root in a bucket packed with peat moss.  Most of them survived and I hope to do this method of saving the vine again this year to use in my garden 2012.

My Mid-October Greenhouse Landscape in Zone 5b Ohio

I snapped this photo with my iphone the night before the forecast of frost. Luckily we didn’t get frost and everything looked pretty much the same the next day only the greenhouse is fuller.   If you look really close you will see my orange lawn crown ornament my dear greenhouse sister Tootsie gave me as a ‘house warming’ gift my first year g rowing in the greenhouse.   I’m so proud to be able to contribute to this website with her.    I hope you will follow us along our journey as we enter winter growing season 2011/ 12.

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