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Each time I share images from my greenhouse on social media there is always a few friendly gardeners who comment ‘ I wish I had a greenhouse’.    I’m amazed at how the product providers are listening to the current trend of people wanting to grow year-round and providing some amazing kits for the home gardener.  I love seeing the greenhouse companies at garden shows around the country as well as at Home Improvement events.  Today I’d like to share on this blog post a few of the kits that I have found interesting as well as some tips when searching for a kit  being a kit owner and greenhouse growing for the past five years here in Ohio.

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You can now find greenhouse kits in just about any home improvement stores starting at just under $500 to $5,000 .  Like anything else you build for your home it just depends on what you want to put into it.

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This kit is featured on the Lows Website : Click image to see details.


Things to Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Kit

Why consider a kit rather then building from scratch.  Products and materials can be hard to find and costly.  Kits provide everything you need and some times include a warranty.

Consider your growing zone : does it snow, heavy winds or cold sleet or heavy rain?  High wind and snow climates zones will require a sturdy structure.

New to growing year-round or using a greenhouse?  Size does matter : keep in mind what you want to grow and what furniture or tools you may need to put in your greenhouse.  Large containers and potting tables take up room.

It can be expensive to add a new greenhouse that is larger to your garden.   Be sure consider kits that you can add on to in the future.

A greenhouse does not provided the growing conditions you many need on it’s own.  Consider heating and additional cost when deciding on a structure.

If you are in a hot growing zone ( zones 7-9) you need to consider a structure with ventilation and shading options.

Year-round growing requires time and some cost factors. A well insulated greenhouse is a must.

If you just want to get a head start on spring by starting your own seeds you will not need the same the structure that is required for growing year-round.

Be sure to check Angies List or the Better Business Bureau when it comes to purchasing a kit from a company outside of a trusted hardware / home improvement store.  I’ve learned over the years that you CAN NOT trust everyone who provide products online to be honest!

Growing Year-Round in Ohio

My Greenhouse is protected by woodline around the structure in NW Ohio.

I’m Excited To Help You…..  ASK ME ANYTHING!  Considering a greenhouse I would love to share what I’ve learned in the past five years of growing year-round. – Bren


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