So You Want To Grow Undercover – 3 Tips To Grow Success

Things sure have changed over the past few years in the garden industry and in my own home garden.  I’ve been growing under cover for about five years now and everyday I’m even more inspired to try new ways to produce food and flowers during the months I can’t grow outdoors.   I was asked to write a book 2 years ago about my greenhouse experience by a major publishing company and I actually started an outline with them but quickly had to decline because I just don’t have time to write – my passion is growing!   This passion I’m taking about will help you grow success under cover in any and all gardening zones.

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3 Tips to Grow Success

1My greenhouse adventure started when I was inspired by a fellow garden blogger who grow in a greenhouse that was shared on her blog.   If I wouldn’t have reached out and asked questions about her growing experience I would have most likely never took the plunge  and started growing under cover myself.   Don’t be afraid to reach out to people online and ask questions about the gardens they are sharing.


2.Not everyday will turn out the way you want so it is important to always have a place you can reflect on your journey.  One of the most productive and easy ways to journal what is happening in my greenhouse is on my website.   Post daily about what you are up to in your greenhouse.  Small tasks like checking on seeds that you may have started or just checking on the heater can be documented as well by starting a photo collection on Google+ or Facebook to document many images in one day.


3Gardening for me has been a fun way I can break out of the box and break the rules in horticulture.   One of the things I love most about gardening year round in Ohio is that I can grow things that overs who are not under cover can not.  Don’t be afraid to grab some seeds and start planting what you want to grow.  As long as you create the right growing conditions you will succeed.


I want to hear from you … share with me your passion and adventures on growing under cover by commenting on this post.

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