I’m Bren and I’ve been playing in the dirt since I was a little tike!  To be honest with you, there was a time in my life I didn’t like the thought of gardening.  I was 10 years old and my parents decided they were going to make this HUGE veggie garden because we were the city folk who moved to the country.  My parents who had been blessed with a few acres for the first time in their life had fun planning this garden while me and my four other siblings got to do the dirty work.   This is an excellent way to turn your children into veggie haters!  As my teen years arrived I was fortunate enough to have been within walking distance of a Mom& Pop greenhouse where I was able to work part-time prepare trays for the business.  It was a great way to make extra money as a teen and rediscover that gardening really wasn’t that bad after all.  As an adult and Mother to two beautiful children I have incorporated the work ethic of not making chores out of gardening.  It is amazing what a child will create when you give them some soil and seeds and let them create.  We grow things because we want to make our surroundings beautiful and so we can provide food to keep healthy.

Bren The Greenhouse Grower:

It is hard for me to put in words  the  excitement my family and I experienced  bringing home the greenhouse we had found on ebay from an amazing couple who had only owned the structure for a few short years.   The image to the left was the day we finally put the structure up in BGgarden.

After helping out at a local greenhouse for a few years as an adult I was completely intrigued by the way greenhouses in the north work.   Not only did I think it would be super cool ‘complete’ the look of my home garden by adding a greenhouse structure but just to experience the science of ‘beating nature’ and growing out of the seasons we were allowed in my gardening zone 5b.

More about Bren :

You can also find me at my website BGgarden.com where I share more about my life as a freelance photographer who enjoys to garden.