The Skies The Limit

As I sit down at my desk and I try to put into words what it is like being a ‘year-round’ grower  the first thing that comes to mind is the possibilities!  The sky has been the limit.  I have been able to enjoy summer veggies & blooms that I have grown  while the rest of my garden zone is covered in a foot of snow.   The end of summer was once a burdened as I felt so sad to watch the summer color  fade away.  As a year-round grower I am loading up my treasures in the greenhouse for the winter so those summer blooms can carry on.  Living in Ohio and being able to bring into my home a large container of lantana in full bloom during the New Year celebration was something to celebrate!  These are the first thoughts that come to mind when I think of what the experience has been for me and my family.

I hope to share with you to the best of my ability the joys and frustrations of being a grower year-round.   I want to stress that it isn’t easy to be a greenhouse grower but with the support of others who have experienced this extraordinary lifestyle we can grow healthy roots that will last forever together!

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" Without hard work, nothing grows by weeds." - Gordon B. Hinckley

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