What is a Greenhouse?

I’ve been told that to own a  greenhouse is the ultimate goal of most gardeners.   When you explore what a greenhouse  is made up of you will cover a wide range of different constructions that basically provide a tool that allows the gardener to grow at their convenience.   From my research I found that these wide range of structures can be used for propagation, for growing year-round, and for over wintering plants that can not live outside during the winter months.   One of the often unspoken uses of this ‘play house ‘ for gardeners is the desire to keep warm and cozy during the winter months.

Finding the Greenhouse that is RIGHT for you

When you begin your search for the greenhouse that will become a very important part of your growing experience I would encourage you to consider your reasoning for the purchase.   Why do you want a greenhouse and what do you plan on doing with it are important questions to answer.  If you can answer these questions they may help you determine how much time and money you want to invest in your greenhouse.   Next you want to determine how much space you have available for the growing tool and what your budget will allow.    Most resource guides will suggest to start small and add onto your greenhouse once you get your ‘feet wet’.

Types of Construction

While spending many hours in front of my computer, talking to other greenhouse owners and looking up resources via publications I found there are 3 main  types of construction materials.   Aluminum, wood and iron framed greenhouse are common in the Midwest areas where I studied.   I also found a combination of materials such as brick,stone, and wood.    The most common design was using the aluminum frame simply because it’s  availability and cost factors.    But I would like to encourage other factors to be considered such as wooden structures can be more attractive then the aluminum framed greenhouses.   The wood structures have more upkeep and can cost more to operate.

Aluminum greenhouse are known for being less costly and easier to maintain.   However, today there are a wide range of aluminum frame houses that have been combined with modern technology  providing more choices for the greenhouse design.  The aluminum can be painted providing a trending look and the panels can be made of advanced plastics and or glass.